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About Us

                                            Hello, my name is Cheryl and I own the Whispering Wind Caviary.
                                           It's a small caviary, thats nestled in Eugene, Oregon.
                                          Where it's always green all year round , with the whipsering breeze
thats always singing.

                                       I use to raise rabbits ( Netherland Dwarfs )and decided I wanted something
                                       a tiny bit smaller and more easy to house.  I enjoy raising, showing and
                                       breeding my cavies. My goal is to improve on the breed. With using genetics
                                       and in hoping to someday develope a new color and/or breed variety.

                                    I have only been in cavies a short while and I enjoy with the genetic makeup
                                     of a species. I had a nice breeding lines on my rabbits and I hope to have that
                                  with the cavies.  Only time will tell.

                                        Hope to see you at the Show Rings and enjoy my web site.